Veterinary Support

Veterinary Support


The comprehensive H&N Veterinary Laboratory helps to ensure high poultry health standards. It is a major aspect of customer support and maintenance of the highest sanitary standards. Only healthy flocks can perform to the maximum of their genetic potential. Therefore flocks health is a vital part of the total research activity conducted by H&N.


The purpose of vaccination is to provide immunity to locally prevalent poultry diseases. This includes the vaccination of breeder flocks with the intent to pass maternal antibodies to their progeny. One important function of the veterinary laboratory is to measure antibody titers as a means of determining the effectiveness of vaccination programs. Further emphases are

  • ELISA Testing
  • Serology
  • Bacteriology
  • Virology

Hygiene and Health status

Also, the health status of all internal multiplier and test flocks, their environment and the hatchery are continually monitored to help ensure the H&N chicks are free of egg transmitted diseases such as Mycoplasma, Salmonella and Lymphoid Leukosis. The highly qualified team of veterinarians at H&N also offers the customers advice on poultry health management practice and immunization procedure for the prevention of diseases. For your individual solution in keeping your flock healthy we enjoy helping you to

  • Design the individual vaccination program for your flock
  • Design a hygiene monitoring program
  • Determining the infection status of your farm
  • Evidence about the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection measures

Diagnostic Laboratory

The diagnostic laboratory at H&N offers a wide spectrum of diagnostic poultry health services. Any recommended medication is preceded by an accurate diagnosis of the flock’s problems. This ensures faster and more accurate solutions to poultry health problems.

In addition to pathology, serology, bacteriology and virology new molecular biology methods such as real time PCR provide the possibility to examine all types of pathogens such as Mycoplasma or the Avian Influenza virus within a few hours. Furthermore it is possible, for example to quickly characterize bronchitis virus strains or detect virulence factors in E. coli strains.

Based on extensive diagnostic possibilities, H&N’s veterinary laboratory is the most competent contact for customers. The laboratory also has the capability to produce flock specific vaccines as a solution to individual health problems. Flock specific vaccines can always be used where approved vaccines against various pathogens are not available. As a result, the producer gets a custom tailored solution.




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