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  • Veterinary Support

    Veterinary Support

    The comprehensive H&N Veterinary Laboratory helps to ensure high poultry health standards. It is a major aspect of customer support and maintenance of the highest sanitary standards. Only healthy flocks can perform to the maximum of their genetic potential. Therefore flocks health is a vital part of the total research activity conducted by H&N.

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  • Nutritional Service

    Nutritional Service

    Any experienced poultry person knows proper nutrition pays. In addition to health, proper nutrition is required to assure profitable performance of layer and breeder flocks. H&N layers are adaptable to the wide variations in feed formulations around the world. Careful selection of feed ingredients is essential in formulation of feeds that will meet a flock’s nutritional needs. The end result will be highly efficient production of top quality eggs demanded by the market.

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  • Hatchery & flock management support

    Hatchery & flock management support

    Effective hatchery and breeder flock management is essential in order to guarantee prime quality chicks. Quality in a product has been defined as the inherent properties which determine the product’s degree of excellence. A day old chick is considered to be of good quality if it is able, given good management to grow quickly and achieve its maximum genetic potential. H&N starts by providing prime quality chicks of the highest health status from its state of the art hatcheries which are strategically located around the world. This is the basis of success in layer chick production.

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  • Schools and Seminars

    Schools and Seminars

    H&N customers also have access to our poultry management and hatchery schools. These schools offer detailed instruction in all areas of poultry management. Instruction is provided by both H&N specialists and guest lecturers having specialized expertise. Attendance at H&N schools allows for good opportunities to exchange information with other attendees. H&N Schools ensure efficient technology transfer. Typically each school consists of four days of lecture followed by a one day field trip to a nearby poultry production facility.

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