H&N honours longstanding customers

From March 9th – 10th, layer breeding company H&N International celebrated its 70th anniversary in Bangkok, Thailand. The festivities attracted customers and distributors from over 20 countries in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

At the occasion of this celebration, H&N honoured 5 customers from around the world who had used their breeding stock for at least 15 years. They received a certificate of appreciation from the management of H&N for their loyalty towards the company and the brand during this period.
All these customers shared the same vision and experience: H&N layers are persistent and highly productive. Moreover they produce high quality eggs, meeting the demands of modern consumers.
The honoured companies are: Ghen Corporation (Japan), Oz Tavuk (Turkey), Prodavi (Switzerland), Cabana Barhy (Argentina) and Irvine’s Day Old Chicks (Zimbabwe).
H&N International is grateful to these companies for the confidence they have shown in the H&N brand over such a long period. H&N is committed to continue working together with them in a solid relationship in the years to come.



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