NEW APPS AVAILABLE on Lighting Program and the performance specifications App

How can I find the lighting App?

• Via App store to find, please search for ‘Lipro H&N’.

Please note: the app is yet only available for an Apple I-pad. After filling in your name/company and your email address, you can simply apply for the serie number by sending an email to: We are working on the availability for I-phone and Android.

Why the lighting App?

Sexual maturity and performance of layers are substantially affected by the
length of daylight during rearing and production.
In systems where pullets are kept in windowless houses without access to the
outside, lighting programs can be designed in such a way that optimal rearing
and preparation for the laying period are guaranteed. However, still in many
countries worldwide light-tight houses are rare and environmental controlled
houses which have been constructed during the last years are often not fully
light-tight. For these kinds of housings a tailor-made lighting program has to
be compiled. "H&N lighting Program App" offers you the opportunity to make this
possible set to the season, geographical location and the date of the

How can I find the specifications app?

The specifications app is available via google play store, please search for H&N.
Please note: the app is yet only available for Android. We are working on the availability for Apple.

Why the specifications app?

Body weight development in the rearing, production per Hen/Day, egg weight,
livability or the cumulative eggs mass are some of the most important parameters
for an egg producer to optimize the performance results. For the parent stock
farmers also the detailed information on the performance, numbers of hatching
eggs and especially saleable chickens could be some of the main parameters to
have a look on that. "H&N performance specifications APP" offers a
unique opportunity to compare your results with standards of H&N
International commercial layers and parent stock including details and charts.



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