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H&N Academy 2016


Our H&N Academy 2016 is now successfully completed. First of all we would like to thank all participants for joining us during one week of training and exchange of experience. We think that we could again offer an interesting program.

On Monday, 25.04.16, our general manager Javier Ramírez started the week with a warm welcome. Afterwards, the participants had the chance to introduce themselves. Then the training could start with the general topics of “Housing and Brooding”, “Parent Stock Management” and “Hatching Egg Handling & Incubation”. The day after, emphasis was put on “Feeding and Feed Formulation for PS and Commercials”. In the afternoon the group went to Bremerhaven for a sightseeing tour as fun and leisure program should not be neglected during such a week full of information. On Wednesday, the program was led by our teams from the genetic department and the veterinary laboratory. The training finished with a visit of Agromix Hatchery and Rondeel Ewijk in the Netherlands.

We appreciated the trust our customers placed in our capability to transfer part of our know-how to the participants and we sincerely do hope that everybody will benefit from the various presentations we have put together. It was indeed a great pleasure to have passionate discussions within the group and also an amazing experience for us to be a part of the strong team spirit that came to life during the training.

We are really looking forward to our next event in July: the H&N Hatchery Academy!

H&N Academy 2016


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