H&N - 70th Anniversary held in Bangkok, Thailand!


About 50 people from 25 different countries attended H&N’s 70th Anniversary!

H&N’s 70th anniversary was celebrated with a festive and informative gathering in Bangkok, Thailand. H&N offered its customers a plenary programme with technical subjects, genetic future goals as central themes.

Vice president Mr Rich Wall of H&N, started the session by drawing a historical picture of the company’s development in the past 70 years. He also presented an overview of the current trends in the global egg market.

H&N Managing Director and Chief Geneticist Prof. Dr. Rudolf Preisinger, summarised current trends in consumer behaviour and the way H&N is responding to these trends. In this context, Prof. Dr. Preisinger highlighted the advantages of modern breeding technology.
The festive occasion was also used to honour a number of long-standing customers and to launch H&N’s new logo.

H&N 70th Group

The honoured companies were: Ghen Corporation (Japan), Oz Tavuk (Turkey), Prodavi (Switzerland), Cabana Barhy (Argentina) and Irvine’s Day Old Chicks (Zimbabwe).

70th H&N 3
Irvines 70th Anniversary

H&N International is most grateful to these companies for the confidence in the H&N brand they displayed over such a long period of time. H&N is committed to continue working together with these loyal partners in a solid relationship in the years to come.
For more information on the new logo or press releases, please do not hesitate to contact the marketing department:
Ms. Stella Schnor - 0049 4721 505 137 - schnor@hn-int.com

On behalf of the team of H&N International.

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