2nd H&N Distributor Conference in Phuket, Thailand 09th – 11th March 2019


With the motif “Adding values- the key to your Profit”, our 2nd H&N Distributor Conference took place in the surreal island of Phuket. With the participation of 48 participants from 17 countries, this conference has served as a catalyst that transformed our perspective on how we look at value addition in poultry business and acted as an event to further reinforce our relations with our guests.

9th March

On 9th March we welcomed all our guests and greeted them with traditional and live Khim Thai music program and a welcome dinner at the pool deck. The guests undoubtedly enjoyed the blend of Thai and International cuisine and enjoyed the relaxed conversations they had with our team.

10th March

The next day, 10th March was a kick-start to our conference, where our team: Dr. David Cavero, Xabier Arbe, Fernando Carrasquer and Maurice Raccoursier provided great insights on measures for actively increasing profits and reducing costs which all the participants listened to intently. However, the star of the day was the round table discussion on a cost approach to improve productivity which was truly engaging and stimulating. After the conference, we took the advantage of the fact of being in an island with wonderful history and culture! Hence we headed along with our guests to the Siam Niramit and enjoyed the culturally extravagant show and delectable Thai dinner.

11th March

The final day of the conference on 11th March included presentations on adding values through customer care service, market intelligence, the hatchery and the entire business as a whole by Dr. Daniel Windhorst, Dr. A. K. Rajput, Vivat Termglichan and Jay Halliday. We finally ended the formal part of the conference through a gripping round table discussion on improving sales. Based on constructive debate, the round table discussion shed light to different aspects of sales and through different perspectives. After lunch, we voyaged towards Old Town filled with shrines, temples and ornate houses. We brought the event to an end with our splendid Gala dinner by the beach with a great gourmet selection and some classic Thai entertainments.

Thank you

On the whole, we would like to thank all the participants i.e. our motivation to always making this event purposeful and leisurely at the same time. Our 2nd H&N Distributor Conference was no exception: a grand success inspirited by you and curated by us! We fondly anticipate your presence in our next H&N Distributor Conference!

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