Brown Nick Distributor in Peru
We announce with great pride that Agropecuaria Rio Bravo Hnos., located in Chincha, in the south of Lima is a new distributor of Brown Nick in Peru. Agropecuaria Rio Bravo Hnos. is a leader in the production of chicks and table eggs in Peru.
Agropecuaria Rio Bravo Hnos. was founded in 1959 by Don P’afilio Cuadrado. Presently, the company is under the direction of Mr. Javier Cuadrado, who in collaboration with his brothers leads this innovative and important company.
The breeders are housed in colony cages demonstrating a high regard for biosecurity. The emphasis on biosecurity applies also to their commercial layers in order to guarantee the production of high quality table eggs.
In addition to wholesome eggs, the hens reach their genetic potential as demonstrated by the egg shell color and strength, egg production performance and good sale value at the end of their productive lives.

(Photo caption: Mr. Javier Cuadrado, Director of Agropecuaria Rio Bravo Hnos.)